Welcome to Roblin Evangelical Mission Church
With the recent changes announced to gathering limits indoors, we will be moving our Sunday service back inside this Sunday July 18.  The limit is 150 persons, and so registration is not required, and we will have room for any and all who want to come. Please pass the word along, especially to any who may not receive emails, and encourage everyone to come back to church inside our air conditioned building. Children’s ministry will also be provided in the rainbow room for elementary age children. 
We will be trying a new format for these next few weeks with service starting at 10:00 AM, and livestreaming beginning at 10:30 AM. The first half hour without the cameras rolling will provide us some time for sharing and prayer as a church family before we begin our broadcast at 10:30AM. For those who will be watching online, please note the earlier start time of 10:30AM and if you have friends or family from afar who watch, please pass along to them the time changes as well. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing all of you back in person and inside this Sunday at 10AM 

Enjoying Jesus is intended to be immensely practical. The spiritual disciplines are where theology meets everyday life, but only you can put them into practice in your life. Our hope is that you will try each of the twelve disciplines we’ll cover. The spiritual disciplines aren’t meant to simply be studied, they are meant to be put into action. Their power is in their practice.