Welcome to Roblin EMC

Join us this Sunday morning at 10:30am to worship and exalt our Creator, Saviour, Redeemer and King!!
 This month’s family events and prayer calendar:

March 18
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God Delights in our Friendship
(Pastor Randy)

Last week’s bulletin

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Coming Up...
March 21
FarEast Broadcasting Canada Banquet @ 6:30pm
March 29
Seder Meal @ 6:30pm
March 30
Good Friday Service @ 7pm

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Small Groups
Wednesday evenings @ 7-10 pm
Mar 11… Sr. Hi Glow Bowling bus leaves at 2pm for Dauphin; bring $25
Mar 15… Jr. Hi Glow Bowling bus leave at 4:15pm for Dauphin
Mar 23… Parkland Party in Roblin



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Wendy’s Mission trip