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Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30am to worship and exalt our Creator, Saviour, Redeemer and King!!
This month’s family events and prayer calendar:
January 22 Sermon
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Last week’s bulletin
January 15

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Coming Up...
February 3-5 Saskatchewan Couple’s Advance at Manitou Beach
February 5
Guest Speaker : Troy Wiesner, and Replica from Millar College of the Bible
February 14
Valentine’s Banquet
February 15
Annual Meeting @ 7pm
February 24-26

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January 20
Parkland Party in Roblin
February 1
Jr. Hi Swimming in Yorkton
February 8
Roblin Alive
February 29
Valentine’s Formal Potluck
February 24-26

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Pastor Floyd Martens
Why can’t they listen!”

Ever find yourself asking that question or at the very least thinking it?

I am sure all of us can identify moments where we wish someone – kids, spouse, boss, friend, neighbor, politician, leader…. would hear what we are saying…

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Bible Blast is on for school-aged kids on Thursdays from
4 – 5:30pm